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Cursos de Español:

Nuestros cursos de español son dictados por expertos en la enseñanza del idioma español como lengua extranjera.



Método de enseñanza totalmente participativo y practico, como también prácticas de conversación constantemente como practicas diarias y personalizadas.


En Time for, los cursos son dictados en grupos pequeños, entre 4 a 5 alumnos como máximo. Permitiendo de esta manera mayos oportunidad de practicar el lenguaje español entre los alumnos en el curso.


Siempre los grupos pequeños permiten mayor avance en el aprendizaje del idioma español, logrando así que el alumno aprecie su avance en menor tiempo.


También contamos con cursos de Español One to One.

Our Spanish Courses for foreign students are taught by specialists in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and may be tailored according your specific needs.   Methodology   Teaching methods on our courses are totally active and participatory, as verbal interaction is constantly stimulated between teachers and pupils in the classroom.   Teachers employ communicative approaches in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, placing special emphasis on the development of the student's ability to make appropriate use of the language so as to ensure effective communication.   In Time for English School classes are given in small groups of 4 to 5 students, allowing students numerous opportunities to practice language in the classroom. Such small groups enable the teacher to provide on-going, personal attention to the student. Our teaching is essentially student-centered. 


We do have also available: (One to One classes). has adapted its levels to the common European Framework

of Reference for Languages and offers all levels:

A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1, and six conversation levels.


Each student's level is determined by an entry test that may be taken before the start of the course.

  Cursos de español 100% presenciales 

Ingresa a:

En cursos y prueba tu nivel de español

For further information about our Spanish courses, feel free to visit our website:

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